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Fast performance

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Take control of your website. Yeah, there’s an option for that

Sticky ``Add to Cart`` button on the product page

Nothing should stop your customers to make purchase right here and right now. Higher conversion is our goal.

Flexible banners section

Do you think that we have missed some layout? Our designer tried to create any possible structure.

Single product store layout

If you have only one product, this is not a problem. We have predefined skin exactly for you needs. You can tell your story only about one product.

Advanced megamenu

Do you agree that this is one of the most important parts of any eCommerce theme. You don’t need to buy any separate apps and spend extra budget.

Color, size, material swatches

Images, dropdowns - you can choose required option. You can have them on product or collection pages.

2 different banner buttons

It seems that this is some unimportant feature. But frankly speaking it is quite popular among our customers.

Dynamic checkout buttons

Sometimes to improve conversion we should minimize steps for the client to make purchase. We have this features also.

Information top panel and banner section

Our experience allowed to add this feature in our design concept and realize it in CMS. You can launch off/on this option.

Ability to see images only of selected product variant

We are able to filter on product page images with exact color or some other attribute. This little but useful feature.

Related products widget

You don't need to buy separate app to have such functionality. Our developer organized this section for your needs and requirements.

Wishlist and compare

These features are also included in our source package. Save your money and time suing our theme. Wishlist and compare modules are the parts of our item.

Numerous product filters

Filters isn't the strongest part of basic Shopify software. We organized filtering based on product tags. Enjoy them.

Bundle Purchase

In marketing, product bundling is offering several products or services for sale as one combined product or service package.

Quick view popup

Each client should have the opportunity to view product details without entering and being redirected to the product page.

Order product notification

Marketing tools are one of the most important features in our item. Everything is to improve your sales conversion.

Variant product images ratio

Adjust product images aspect ratio to the same size. You don't need to adjust it manually for the each separate product.

Newsletter and offer popups

Attract attention, direct customer to exact page, ask smth, offer discount - these are all small marketing tools to improve your sales.

Custom popups

For example size chart popup (if you have fashion web store) will be very useful for your clients.

Question popup

Ready to use contact form via popup to be in touch with your users on any page or section block.

Add to cart popup

This is notification popup which informs your customers about adding product in shopping cart.

Load data without a browser page refresh

Ajax search, Ajax cart, Ajax filters - this are also must have features for any current modern web store.

Sub-collection page

Some our customers have big inventories. For their needs we created sub-collection pages.

2 Variants of the cart page

This is very good when you have choice in using different features and options.

Custom tabs

You can have as many custom tabs on the pages as you want (any specific descriptions, sections and content blocks for your needs etc.)

Fixed menu

We allow customers to have perfect UX everywhere (page, menu/collection, cart, search controls).

Catalog mode without prices and buy buttons

Choose to turn off the eCommerce functionality of the theme, and use your store as catalog. You can use it with with question popup forms.

2 Lookbook module

Custom, unique, nonstandard pages will be perfect fro your needs. Create your own product combinations and offer them to your clients.

Choice of currency and language

You don't need to buy separate apps (I'm tired to write this again :). This functionality is already developed by our team.

Google Rich snippet tool. SEO optimized

This feature allows search engines better understand what information is contained on each web page.

Social share

We are using AddThis widget to help our customer be in touch with social networks and their communities.

Mobile traffic era

Mobile optimized

Since 2014 number of mobile users comparing with regular desktop. So we payed special attention to:

  • Customers UI/UX and usability
  • Speed and performance exactly for mobile devices

Easy to Use, Yet Powerful

Powered by WooCommerce

WooCommerce provides everything you need to manage an online store, from creating a products catalog to charging payments and managing orders. Watch the short video below to learn more about it.

Basic Core Features


Framework Bootstrap 4

Get the benefits of the most powerful framework that supports major of all browsers and CSS compatibility fixes. Lightweight and customizable.


Color Schemes

Don't limit your imagination with our green color. You can use any other that you like and the will suit your business strategy.


Easy 1 click install

Our source package contains presets for each layout. You can install any skin by copy/pasting predefined structures.



Understanding basic requirements of our customers, this feature is built in and ready for use. Our RTL feature optimized for any client.


Slider Revolution

This is must have feature for every theme. Displays your content the beautiful way. It will let you create impressive pages/slides in no time.



Our demo is presented in 6 different languages. Of course Shopify is Multilanguage software and you can have your own localization.